Community Budget Open House

March 8, 2015 11:37 by Ryan

As the kickoff to our enhanced budget process this year, the City of Anacortes is holding an open house this Tuesday from 4:30-6pm in the council chambers at city hall.

Department heads will host tables about their departments and take your comments and answer questions about the services they provide. (They'll be taking notes!) City Councilmembers and the mayor will also be available to chat with attendees. There may be refreshments.

Tell us what you want the City to focus on, what we're doing well, and what we can do better! This event is an opportunity for people to interact directly with the managers providing city services, and have free-form dialog with your elected officials.

The event is loosely based on the White House's somewhat-fictional Big Block of Cheese Day, made popular by the television show The West Wing.

See you there!

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