Careful Stewardship, Not Blank Checks

September 9, 2012 13:27 by Ryan

Fountain Pen Lying Across a Blank CheckThe Skagit Valley Herald has a guest column worth reading today entitled “This special place that is our Skagit Valley” (available on GoSkagit or in the e-Edition) that notes the many “jobs” proposals we’ve seen over the years:

  • The aluminum plant on Guemes Island.
  • The nuclear power plants at Hamilton and on Kiket and Samish islands.
  • The canals and homes (a la South Florida) for Padilla Bay.
  • The offshore tanker and pipeline base in Burrows Bay.
  • The floating nori farm east of Guemes.
  • The fish farms.
  • The residential development of Allen Island.
  • The residential development and resort with hotels and golf on Cypress Island.
  • The amusement park at Cook Road and I-5.
  • The water slide park at Campbell Lake near Deception Pass.
  • The coal terminal at Cherry Point and the trains required to support it.

The spectacular natural amenities that provide us “quality of life” is why many of us choose to live here. If we are to maintain those values, we can do it only through careful stewardship by careful vetting and ensuring that development minimizes or avoids impacts on the surrounding natural and built environment—not by writing blank checks to any proposal that promises (or predicts) jobs.

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