Proposals for Development Regulations Due Soon

January 17, 2012 00:01 by Ryan

MP900305776The City’s Comprehensive Plan and its development code (Anacortes Municipal Code Titles 16, 17, and 18) are adopted by the City Council and together regulate land use in the City of Anacortes. As Planning Commissioner Lin Folsom noted at the last Planning Commission meeting, the City has set the last working day in March as the annual deadline for the public to submit proposed amendments to those regulations.

I’ve spoken repeatedly and at length about the need to revise the entire code, starting from scratch, and without being bound to existing zoning lines. I’ll continue to push for that through getting a head start on our required comprehensive plan update, but in the meantime, if there’s a problem with our land use regulations that you consider especially urgent, please submit a proposal.

Commissioner Folsom specifically suggested that you review the list of uses allowed in your zone, and think about whether you’d feel OK with that use moving in next door. To do that, view a zoning map of the City and determine which zone you’re in. (If you live in Old Town, you’re in both zone R3 and the Old Town Overlay.) Then open the municipal code to Title 17, Zoning, and find your zone. Uses that are outright allowed (no special public hearing required) are listed as “Permitted Uses” or “Permitted Accessory Uses.” Uses that require some form of public hearing are listed under “Conditional Uses.” These uses may or may not be allowed depending on the outcome of that public hearing…but are quite likely to be approved. Also keep in mind that covenants in your development may restrict uses more than the city code.

You’re certainly not restricted to commenting only on your own zone—after all, it’s your city and zones already span vast swaths of land. Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance formulating your ideas. You can find more information about the amendment process in Appendix F of the Comprehensive Plan, or this brochure.

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Susan Rooks

January 17, 2012 18:16

Thank you for this  helpful information and these guidelines.  

Susan Rooks

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