Planning for a New County Jail

November 11, 2012 19:50 by Ryan
The Skagit Valley Herald recently concluded an excellent five-week series on our serious need for more space at the Skagit County Jail. Each piece is worth a read: Crowding Out Safety A View From the Inside Book Now…Jail Later Paying for a Better Jail (and this related article) Looking for Solutions Video: Conversations with Correctio... [More]

Pedestrian Safety Downtown

December 29, 2011 02:15 by Ryan
Pedestrian safety is a frequent concern of both the public and the downtown merchants I hear from. Drivers on Commercial Avenue routinely fail to stop at intersections to allow pedestrians to cross and exceed the 20 mph speed limit north of 12th Street. The Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey downtown in July 2010 that revealed this is also a to... [More]