Will there be public comment tonight?

August 13, 2012 14:26 by Ryan
According to this article on Anacortes Now, many people may be mobilizing to attend tonight’s City Council meeting where the Council will discuss, for the first time, the mayor’s request to add 11 acres to the Anacortes Urban Growth Area to accommodate the Tethys water bottling plant. If the public would like to speak to the issue, when... [More]

Who sets the City Council agenda?

July 19, 2012 01:55 by Ryan
A couple of recent letters to the editor in the Anacortes American have highlighted a tense exchange between the mayor and myself at the June 4 Council meeting. The upshot of the dispute was that the three-member Council Planning Committee wanted to add a discussion item to the next Council study session agenda. Under the Council's adopted rul... [More]

Here Comes the Debate on the Hearing Examiner

June 26, 2012 22:38 by Ryan
The Anacortes City Council is (finally) poised to debate the Planning Department's proposal to adopt a Hearing Examiner, which the City has been slowly working through since 2010. Although we've had several meetings about the proposal, we have yet to actually debate the central issue: do we replace the citizen Planning Commission with an ... [More]

Benchmarking Anacortes Governance

March 10, 2012 13:43 by Ryan
Although the Mayor rarely provides the City Council much notice of upcoming agenda items, last week was especially egregious when we received the City’s 200-page Water System Plan just four days before the vote. Although other councilmembers have complained about the lack of time we have to review agenda items, the Mayor has brushed off those... [More]

Why I voted no on the Water System Plan

March 8, 2012 00:30 by Ryan
On Monday, the Anacortes City Council approved an update to the city's Water System Plan, the document that charts the course for the City's largest utility. I voted against it. Here's why. We didn't have time to read the document. Although the document is 200 pages long, the Mayor didn't provide the City Council notice that it would be comin... [More]

What’s next with the Hearing Examiner?

January 25, 2012 00:41 by Ryan
The City Council’s consideration of a switch to a Hearing Examiner system for review and approval of land use applications is moving forward. Here is the process the Planning Director proposed at Monday night’s City Council study session. The City Council did not adopt any process, so what follows is only one possible (but also probable) general ap... [More]

Council Committees

January 19, 2012 11:24 by Ryan
Councilmember Erica Pickett, who the Council elected Mayor Pro-Tem at our first meeting of the year, has assigned each councilmember to four council committees, based on our requests. My committee assignments are: Finance Parks and Rec Personnel Planning Port/City Liaison (as an alternate) Although it has improved with Councilmember Adams's effor... [More]

First Council Meeting January 3

December 30, 2011 01:14 by Ryan
My first council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 3, 2012, at 7 pm. The regular Monday meeting is on Tuesday to observe the New Year's holiday. On the agenda: Oath of Office Election of Mayor Pro Tem Reappointments to Arts Commission Reappointments to Parks & Rec Board Change street name